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Analysis of machining process, provides professional and fast response for the quotation.

We usually have a give customer the feedback within 3 days after receiving the complete drawings and it will take 7 days for some difficult products. Here we show you how Deshengrui handles drawings and quotations.

We deal with different drawings every day, from different countries, like the United States, UK, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic.  The drawings are different, some are the first perspective, and some are the third perspective,

1. First understand the drawing, whether it is inches or millimeters? whether the drawing is the first perspective or the third perspective? If the customer's drawing is incorrect, we will communicate with the customer in time.

2. Then understand the length, width, height, diameter and length of the drawing parts.  It is suitable for CNC lathe, CNC machining center, turning and milling compound machining, grinding machine, or other equipment processing. Then we can understand the size requirements of the parts for the machine, and some may be suitable for 650 machines, and some for 850 machines, 1050 machines or 1250 machines. For example, some extra large parts, we need to look for help from outside manufacturers.

3, View the material, to understand what is the specific material, aluminum 6061 / aluminum 7075, 45 steel, 42CrMo, 20CrMnTi, stainless steel 303, stainless steel 316, stainless steel 304 and so on. Different materials have different strength, toughness and cutting performance. For process, machining time, cutting tool loss are also different.

4. Processing analysis: Which processing route is the most effective and economical? Whether it is processed directly through the steel profile/Aluminum profile, or through the blank, forged blank parts, and then processed to the exact size. According to the requirements of the drawings, can the processing precision of the lathe and the machining center meet the requirements of the drawings? When some sizes of machining are not guaranteed, it is necessary to ensure the size by grinding. We have a part before, after the first turning, then coarse grinding, then fine grinding, and finally electroless nickel plating, after that, we have very good control of the size. After all these processes are clearly identified, we can further accurately calculate the cost of each item and ensure that the accuracy meets the drawing requirements.

5. Heat treatment: Some products require heat treatment, but the size will be deformed after heat treatment. In this case, we need to perform secondary processing on the heat-treated parts. Therefore, higher requirements are required on the fixture and the front dimension chain. Of course, some parts are not very high in size, and the product can be directly heat treated after it is finished.

6, surface treatment: aluminum parts to do anodizing? Does stainless steel need to be passivated? The surface of the steel is black oxiding, painted, powder coating or plated.

7. Product inspection: This is the final inspection of the product. More random inspections are performed during the production process. The final inspection is a review of the final product to ensure that the product is fully compliant with the customer's drawing requirements.

8, packaging and delivery: customers sometimes ask us DDP price, in this case, we need to calculate, domestic transportation costs, shipping costs, then the other port costs, customs clearance fees, delivery costs.

Since 2011, Deshengrui Machining has been specialized in non-standard parts, from the first two CNC lathes to the current 50 lathes, 10 machining centers, 3 grinding machines, 2 milling machines, and currently we have 80 employee. The company specializes in the processing of metal machined parts, aluminum machined parts, die-casting parts, stamping parts, and forged parts. The products are mainly sold to the German market.

Contact Bruce Zhu at or visit our website for more products and service.

machining process

machining process

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