Machining manufacturer's technical and production equipment requirements

Those who have worked in the machining industry know that it is most important to open a machining manufacturer, technology and production equipment. With production equipment and technology, some people can set up a machining manufacturer. Then Deshengrui Machinery will introduce the technical and production equipment requirements of the machining manufacturer.

First, the production equipment requirements of the machining manufacturer

If you want to build a machine shop, then there should be forging beds, sawing machines, milling machines, boring machines, drilling machines, lathes or CNC lathes. These, in addition, should also have machining centers and so on. If it involves Sheet metal processing, then there are also shearing machines, bending machines, welding machines, punching machines and cutting machines, which are also necessary. Therefore, the type of equipment on it is still very much.

Second, the technical requirements of the machining manufacturer
Machining, which can be divided into different parts according to the processing method? And what advanced processing techniques or methods are there? Machining, if it is divided according to the processing method, can be divided into cutting and press working, and can be simply referred to as lathe. In terms of its advanced processing technology or method, from the current point of view, there are mainly micro-machining technology, rapid prototyping technology, and precision ultra-precision machining technology, which can be used.

The technology and equipment of the machining manufacturers influence the future development direction. In these two aspects, the machining manufacturers must pay attention to it. It is very important to pay attention to cultivating talents and updating production equipment.

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