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The Internet is no longer a new vocabulary. It has completely integrated our lives. However, in recent years, the emergence of concepts such as mobile internet, cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data, smart manufacturing, and 3D printing has made the Internet more intensive. Connotation also makes traditional industries, especially manufacturing, face unprecedented challenges. Enterprises need to define the market, technology, management, capital and talents under the Internet thinking and focus on customer needs, re-examine the enterprise value chain and business ecology, and use Internet thinking to think comprehensively.

The 11th China International Forum on Manufacturing Management, like the global manufacturing companies, is concerned with this series of propositions with industrial revolutionary qualities. Entrepreneurs who are committed to the industry to serve the country will once again gather in Jincheng Binhai from November 13 to 15, 2014, together with internationally renowned expert tutors and representatives of Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs, through theme sharing, case presentations, tutor reviews, roundtables, Private board of directors, business mutual assistance, project display, etc., together for the manufacturing enterprises to light a glimpse of the pilot.

Three highlights gather together

Known as the most influential management thinker in Europe after Drucker, the pioneer of the concept of "invisible champion", the world's most important expert in the field of enterprise product pricing, and one of the three major models of pricing science - the founder of Hell Professor Prof. Hermann Simon will visit the forum to analyze the development of Germany's century-old enterprise and share the development process of the “invisible champion” enterprises that are the most prominent and low-key in the industry.

Industry 4.0” was proposed by Germany to set off the fourth industrial revolution led by intelligent manufacturing. The forum will deeply analyze the industrial development path and vision of Germany, and jointly find the gap between Chinese and German manufacturing industries, combined with the “Made in China 2025” plan. Explore the direction and future of China's industrial development.

Professor Chen Weiru, the author of "Platform Strategy", which is a case study of Chinese Internet companies, will also come to the forum to talk about platform strategy and Internet thinking, how to build an enterprise development ecosystem, and open a platform integration concept for entrepreneurs. ].

Rich in topic

After 11 years of development, the forum has always been to revitalize the national industry. From the discussion of "management" as the core theme, to the all-round field involved in the development of internationalization, market, capital, technology, and products, etc. The company's innovative development and aggregation resources have become the “manufacturing Davos” that leads China's industrial development.

This forum is expected to have more than 1,600 guests, in addition to the previous participating companies, there will be many small and medium-sized and private enterprises at the top. The forum will open 25 special sessions including the main forum, sub-forums, theme specials, and salon events. The forum is aimed at central enterprises, large state-owned enterprises and group enterprises, private enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, and small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, covering the various pillars of China's industrial development. “Marking the world-class to the high-end manufacturing”, “Dialogue German enterprises: the growth and inheritance of family businesses”, “Transformation and upgrading from global manufacturing”, “R&D and design”, “Logistics and supply chain”, “Enterprise management” Forums such as “integration with informatization” and “human resources and corporate culture” are aimed at enterprise decision-makers and executives of different ranks and functions, and build a comprehensive and multi-level interactive communication platform under the theme of large-scale, so that all participants can participate. The crowd needs to harvest and develop their thinking in their respective fields, and get mental leadership and resource integration.

First introduced the Sino-German Manufacturing Forum

Among the German manufacturing enterprises, the family business has obvious representativeness. Its growth story and inheritance culture are worth learning by Chinese enterprises, especially private enterprises. Their growth history and successful cases of transnational operations are the guiding lights for us to go to the world in the future. The in-depth interpretation of the German manufacturing model will reveal the differences and gaps between Chinese manufacturing and German manufacturing. The systematization, standardization, and globalization of German manufacturing are the benchmarks that Chinese manufacturing must strive to achieve. This is for China that is facing transformation and upgrading. Manufacturing is a model of learning and the way to go in the future.

For the first time, this forum specially set up a Sino-German Manufacturing Forum to help Chinese manufacturing companies that want to go out to better enhance their international horizons, and to understand how to go overseas and realize the opportunities and practices of globalization and investment overseas. The forum is divided into two parts: one is to tell the growth and inheritance of the German family business; the other is to decode the advanced model of German manufacturing.

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