Metal stamping and metal stamping parts terminology

What is metal stamping? Metal stamping is the use of punching and die to deform or break stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other materials to achieve a certain shape and size.

Metal stamping is sometimes referred to as sheet forming, but with a slight difference. The term "sheet forming" refers to the use of a sheet material, a thin-walled tube, a thin profile, or the like as a raw material.

Metal stampings are a series of post-process products with different terminology in different processes. Common terms for metal stampings are:

Trimming: A stamping process that uses a metal stamping die to trim the edges of the forming process to have a certain diameter, a certain height, or a certain shape.

Drawing: A stamping process in which a straight wool or process member is turned into a hollow member, or the hollow member is further changed in shape and size. When drawing, the hollow member is mainly formed by flowing a material other than the bottom of the punch into the die.

Punching: A stamping process that separates waste material from a material or process piece along a closed contour to obtain the desired holes in the material or workpiece.

Flanging: A stamping process that turns into a side short edge along the contour curve.

Flip hole: A stamping process that turns the material around the inner hole into a side flange.

Blanking: A stamping process that separates material along a closed contour. The separated material becomes a workpiece or process piece, most of which is planar.

Shaping: A stamping process that relies on the flow of material and changes the shape and size of the process piece to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece.

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