Non-standard parts processing technology method

Non-standard parts processing is an inevitable outcome of modern industrial machine processing plants. With the continuous introduction of high-end products, people's requirements for product performance are getting higher and higher. Therefore, the requirements for product parts are gradually increasing or even strict. It is related to people's good safety and quality. In this context, it was born. The concept of precision machining.

With regard to the technical methods of non-standard parts processing, with the development of non-standard parts processing technology, non-standard parts processing has been applied to all walks of life. Today, I will introduce you to the non-standard parts processing technology.

Non-standard parts processing technology method:

1. See the precision machining method (non-standard parts processing), let us look at the classification of mechanical parts. The important parts of the machine tool can be divided into box, base, main shaft, flange, Sheet metal and so on.
2. Classification of production processes

Different processing equipment has different equipment, the most common are lathes (including Cnc machine tools, universal cars), milling machines, planers, grinding machines, rocker drills, wire cutting machines, heat treatment furnaces, etc. Large-scale screw propellants in the military industry must be equipped with five-axis and four-link machines.

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