New technology for precision mold parts processing

1, laser texture: lay a new design basis
With innovative technology backed by fully digital laser texturing technology, deviations from the original design can be avoided, experience-rich production processes with repeatability and unrestricted design possibilities.
2. Additive manufacturing: unrestrained production
The cooling water channel in the precision mold fitting insert is very important in the mold, and the traditional manufacturing technology cannot realize the design of the conformal cooling water channel. According to the traditional method of processing precision mold parts, in actual production, the product will be poor in mold temperature, such as shrinkage, pores, sticking, poor filling, warping and deformation. The innovative “additive manufacturing” technology brings solutions to this.

As an additive manufacturing technique, laser direct sintering metal technology uses a fiber laser to emit laser light into a metal powder, allowing the laser to automatically aim at points in the space constructed by the 3D model, fuse the materials together to form a solid structure. Today, additive manufacturing technology can create complex, conformal cooling/heating waterways that were previously impossible. Contact with areas of the insert that could not be cooled or heated before, is a huge revolution in the quality of precision mold parts.

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