Five reasons for the bursting of precision stamping dies

The stamping of precision stamping die is a common thing. Sometimes it is a piece of template that is divided into several pieces at once. Of course, there are many reasons for the direct cracking of the template, from the purchase of the mold design to the stamping operation. Can be affected by it. The following are the reasons for the bursting of the five major molds compiled by He Ju Xiaobian.
The top five reasons for the mold burst:
Improper line cutting,
The mold design process is unreasonable,
Improper heat treatment,
The selection of punching equipment is improper.

The reason for the bursting of precision metal stamping die is five points above. The awareness of the production operation of the stamping operator is also very important. If the positioning is not in place, the air blow gun is not used, and the cracking of the template will continue to produce.

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