How do you maintain the high-speed punching machine every day?

The stamping processing plant is divided into six areas for press maintenance.
Appearance maintenance: clean inside and outside, no rust, no yellow robe.
Main shaft part: hydraulic clamp operation and spindle operation.
Lubrication part: the oil quantity of each lubricating oil tank; each manual fueling point, refueling according to regulations, and rotating the oil filter. Wipe the parts of the tape reader with gauze every month, and lubricate at least once every half year.
Tailstock section: Once a week, move the tailstock to clean the bottom and guide rails. Take the top cleanup once a week to chase the air.
Electrical part: check the three-color lamp and switch. Check the position of each part on the control panel.
Other parts: The hydraulic system has no dripping and heating. The cutting fluid system is working properly. The workpieces are arranged neatly. Clean around the punch and get clean. Fill in the handover records and other records carefully.

The daily punching and maintenance of precision stamping processing plants can guarantee the operation of the press.

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