The development of the foundry industry (iron casting, sand casting, investment casting) must interact with the modern service industry

The demand for foundry molds is increasing in number. The delivery period is getting shorter and shorter. Cooperation is a relative temporary competition is an absolute permanent international strategy. The trend of globalization determines that the development of China's foundry industry is inseparable from cooperation with foreign countries. The choice of path should be learning, cooperation, and competition. For their own benefit.

The development of the foundry industry must interact and enhance with the modern service industry. The old industrial base enterprises in Northeast China lack this "string". These foundry industries do not lack manufacturing capacity, lack the ability to sell themselves, and lack the marketers who need to train themselves. Marketing strategy. In order to protect the environment from coal, the roasting of the stainless steel foundry mold shell. How to not pollute the environment, save fuel, reduce the cost, but also burn, burn, and produce less defective products. The majority of foundry plants have a high percentage of ISO14000 and OHSA S certificates for foundries in these two certificates in the midstream level of various industries so far. However, it does not hinder his awareness and promise of compliance with environmental asylum and occupational health insurance laws and regulations. In recent years, the ISO9000 and other management systems of the foundry industry have been certified.

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