How to measure the aperture of precision stamping parts

The measurement method of the aperture stop gauge is the minimum value. Therefore, when we use the caliper measurement to record, the minimum value can be recorded (excluding the small value, for example, the error caused by the measurement error). (The special case is not excluded. The maximum value of the record and the average value have no practical significance. For the difference in the size of the measurement of the aperture in all directions, it should be recorded in the roundness of the geometrical tolerance, not the aperture.

If it is surveying and there is no size to refer to, we should consider the section condition. We can't just take the average value. For example, the minimum value we measured may be caused by the wear of some part of the punch. The light band is very small, so this minimum has no meaning. Generally speaking, the wear of the punch causes the punching to become smaller (the shaped hole needs to be analyzed in detail), so the maximum value is taken during the surveying, and the quality of the section is not forgotten, because the basic size of the hole is taken at the time of punch manufacturing. The maximum value within the deviation is multiplied by 0.5~0.75 to leave the amount of wear. After a period of use, the punching becomes smaller, but as long as the section quality is still too good, the value is still within the tolerance range. of.

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