On the importance of stamping parts layout

In the cost of stamping parts, the material cost is about 60% or more. Therefore, the economic use of materials is of great significance. Layout refers to the placement of parts on strips or sheets.
Unreasonable layout will result in material waste, and the measure of the economics of the layout is the utilization of materials. It can reduce the waste area and the material utilization rate is high.
Waste is divided into two types: process waste and structural waste. The lap and the remaining material are called process waste, which is the waste related to the layout and the stamping method; the structural waste is determined by the shape characteristics of the workpiece and generally cannot be changed. Therefore, only by designing a reasonable layout scheme and reducing process waste can the material utilization rate be improved.

Whether the layout is reasonable, not only affects the economic utilization of materials, but also affects the technical and economic indicators such as the quality of the parts, the structure and life of the mold, the productivity of precision stamping parts and the cost of the mold.

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