Introduction of stamping robot features

A stamping robot is a machine designed to efficiently and accurately repeat one or more tasks. It can be used to grasp, transport, or manipulate tools to perform certain operations in a fixed program, combining the advantages of both human and machine in construction and performance. The application of stamping robots can replace the person's monotonous, repetitive or heavy manual labor, realize the mechanization and automation of production, replace the manual operation in the harmful environment, improve the working conditions and ensure personal safety, so it is widely used in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, Departments of electronics, light industry and atomic energy. The accuracy of the lathe manipulator punching manipulator operation and the ability to complete the work in various environments have broad development prospects in various fields of the national economy.

The three characteristics of the stamping robot are introduced:

1, the brain
The brain of the punching machine is the program or command group that controls the stamping robot. After the stamping robot receives the information of the sensor, it can follow the program instructions written by people and automatically execute and complete a series of actions. The control program depends mainly on several factors: the type and number of sensors used, where the sensor is installed, possible external stimuli, and the desired activity. Among them, the flexible system of the stamping manipulator can be reprogrammed as the working environment changes, so it can play a very good role in the flexible manufacturing process with small batches and multiple varieties with balanced and high efficiency, which is an important part of the flexible manufacturing system. component.
2, shape
The stamping manipulator is a physical state with a certain shape. What is the shape of the stamping robot? It depends on what kind of work people want it to do. The function setting determines the size, shape and material of the stamping robot. Features and more. Generally speaking, the punching robot manipulator has a human-like walking, waist turning, boom, arm, wrist, and claws on the mechanical structure, and has a computer in control.
3, action

It is the activity of the stamping robot, sometimes even if it does not move at all, this is also an action performance of it. Any robot that performs a certain task under the instruction of the program must be completed by the action. The rise, down, left shift, right shift grip and relaxation of the punch manipulator are all done with a two-coil three-position solenoid valve pneumatic cylinder. When a solenoid valve is energized, the corresponding action is maintained, even if the coil is powered off again, until the coil in the opposite direction is energized, and the corresponding action ends. The device is equipped with six limit switches for up, down, left and right, grasping and relaxing, and controls the end of the corresponding step.

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