How to deal with the surface roughness of mechanical parts

The surface roughness of mechanical parts is an important technical index reflecting the micro-geometry error of the surface of the part. It is the main basis for testing the surface quality of the part; the rationality of its selection is directly related to the quality, service life and production cost of the product.

There are three methods for selecting the surface roughness of mechanical parts, namely calculation method, test method and analog method. In the design of mechanical parts, the most common application is the analogy method, which is simple, rapid and effective. The application of analogy requires sufficient reference material, and more comprehensive information and literature are available in various existing mechanical design manuals. The most common is the surface roughness that is compatible with the tolerance class.

Under normal circumstances, the smaller the dimensional tolerance requirements of mechanical parts, the smaller the surface roughness of mechanical parts, but there is no fixed functional relationship between them. For example, some machines, handles on the instrument, handwheels, and decorative surfaces of sanitary equipment, certain mechanical parts on food machinery, their surfaces are required to be processed very smoothly, that is, the surface roughness is very high, but the dimensional tolerance requirements are very high. low. In general, there is a certain correspondence between the tolerance level and the surface roughness value of parts with dimensional tolerance requirements.

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