Talking about the advantages of steel castings in the production and processing of steel castings

With the gradual evolution of social demand and changes in industry development, people are no longer satisfied with ordinary steel devices, and more diversified devices are beginning to appear and develop. Steel castings, as a smelting device, have many advantages.
1. Has good design flexibility. Good choices can be made in terms of freedom, especially for complex shapes and hollow sections, and steel castings can be made from the unique process of core castings. Easy to shape and easy to change shape and can quickly produce finished products according to drawings, which can provide quick response and shorten delivery time.
2. You can choose different chemical compositions and organizational structures to meet the needs of different projects. Different heat treatment processes can select mechanical properties and can use this property over a wide range and improve weldability and workability.
3. Can increase strength. Thanks to the high reliability of the project, coupled with weight reduction design and short delivery times, the competitive advantage can be increased in terms of price and economy.
4. Small steel castings may have only 10 grams, while large steel castings can reach several tons, dozens or even hundreds of tons.

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