Which parts need wire cutting when parts are processed

Some parts of the machine may require wire cutting. These parts manufacturers should be very clear, then those parts need wire cutting? Where wire cutting is used in part machining: CNC milling and milling, sometimes when processing thin-walled parts, it is necessary to design thin-walled sleeves, and it is necessary to design spring-up sleeves during fixture design, etc., which need to be processed by wire cutting. Sometimes, there are no more than four knives on the turret, and the blade needs to be cut. When machining the eccentric, it is necessary to use wire dicing to process shims of different thicknesses.

In addition, wire cutting is relatively simple, can be processed using G code and computer graphics, as long as it is conductive, no matter how hard. Because the individual does not process complicated parts during use, draw a good picture, and do not need to set the knife. It is almost enough to adjust the relative position of the molybdenum wire and the sheet material. It can be used, and the coordinate system is not used. Say, the pictures are all painted, they can be processed directly, and then don't ask, the time is up to go directly to the workpiece, it is more labor-saving.

The parts are disassembled and the two M4 threaded holes are machined. Two 1.5mm thick steel plates are flush with the jaws. The hard brass plates with a thickness of 0.8mm are riveted with aluminum rivets and fixed to the jaws with M4 countersunk screws. Forms a durable soft jaw. This protects the mechanical components from being pinched. It is inconvenient to use a magnet to pick up small mechanical parts. An iron plate can be sucked under the magnet. It can not only absorb many small mechanical parts, but also pull the iron plate apart. Small mechanical parts will automatically fall into the collection box, which is very practical.

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