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Manufacturing? How much do you know about the future development of manufacturing?

Manufacturing refers to the industry in the machinery industry era, according to market requirements, through the manufacturing process, into the large-scale tools, industrial products and consumer products for people to use and use, and our lives are closely related.
Advanced manufacturing, especially equipment manufacturing, is an important industry for building innovative countries. China has long been a big manufacturing country, but it is far from a manufacturing power. To enter the ranks of manufacturing powers from manufacturing powers, the first must have a strong industrial scale; the second must have strong innovation capabilities; the third must have an optimized industrial structure; the fourth must have good quality and efficiency; the fifth must have Sustainable development potential.
The status quo of China's manufacturing industry: the main performance is not strong innovation ability. New challenges facing the manufacturing industry: First, China lacks core key technologies. Second, the manufacturing industry is facing new challenges. After the financial crisis, Western countries have been painstakingly thinking about the development of a new round of technology and industrial revolution characterized by deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology. This is both a challenge and an opportunity.

Manufacturing development trends:

Trend 1, integration of manufacturing technology and high technology.
Trend 2 is now a more common digital and intelligent manufacturing technology.
Trend 3, Manufacturing Technology under Extreme Working Conditions.
Trend 4: Lightweight, precise, green manufacturing needs. Green sustainable manufacturing is not only about manufacturing, recycling, and remanufacturing, but should be started from the source and simplistic. Macroscopically, improving product quality, reducing scrap rate, increasing productivity, and reducing R&D investment are important components of green sustainable development.

The manufacturing industry faces weak innovation capability, lack of core and key common technologies, waste of resources, and serious pollution. It is necessary to develop high-tech manufacturing technology, digital intelligent manufacturing technology, and ultra-large-scale micro-nanotechnology.
Throughout the past, the future manufacturing industry will move toward a more rigorous direction, and ordinary manufacturing industries will face a huge challenge if they want to survive.

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