The influence of raw materials on the quality of forgings

The good quality of the raw materials is a prerequisite for the quality of the forgings. For example, defects in the raw materials will affect the forming process of the forgings and the final quality of the forgings. If the chemical elements of the raw materials exceed the specified range or the content of impurity elements is too high, the formation and quality of the forgings will have a greater impact.
In the austenitic stainless steel, the more the content of Ti, Si, Al, and Mo is, the more the ferrite phase is, and the more the banding crack is formed during forging, and the part is magnetic.
For example, there are defects such as shrinkage of the shrinkage tube, subcutaneous foaming, severe carbide segregation, and coarse non-metallic inclusions (slag inclusion), which may cause cracks in the forging. Defects such as dendritic crystals, severe looseness, non-metallic inclusions, white spots, oxide films, segregation bands and mixed metals in raw materials are likely to cause a decline in the performance of forgings. Surface cracks, folds, crusting, coarse crystal rings, etc. of raw materials are liable to cause surface cracks in forgings.

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