CNC Machining Service

CNC Machining Service

1. Service items

Prototype, Small batch, mass production, inspection fixture CNC machining;

2. Service Features

Complex and difficult sample machining, fast delivery, high precision, guaranteed quality, product confidentiality system

3. Application field

Automobile and motorcycle accessories, lighting and lighting, automated robots, mechanical hardware, aerospace military industry, electronic instruments, medical equipment, 3C digital, household appliances, communication mobile phones;

4. Machining technology

CNC machining, rapid prototyping SLA / SLS / FDM / SLM, Casting, Forging, Stamping, fabrication service.

5. Service Process

Material preparation, CNC Machining, surface treatment, QC quality inspection, finished product shipment;

6. Processing Equipment

CNC machining center, CNC Turning machine, automatic lathe, centerless grinding machine, cylindrical grinding machine, surface grinding machine, ordinary milling machine, sawing machine, CNC Engraving machine, drilling and tapping machine, sand blasting machine, vibration grinding and polishing machine, salt spray testing machine;

7. Support drawing format


8. Processing material

ABS, PC, PE, POM, PP, acrylic (PMMA), nylon, bakelite, silicone rubber, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, steel, copper, stainless steel;

9. Surface treatment

Mechanical surface treatment: sand blasting, shot blasting, polishing, rolling, polishing, brushing, spraying, painting, painting

Chemical surface treatment: blue and black, phosphating, pickling, chemical plating of various metals and alloys, TD treatment, QPQ treatment, chemical oxidation

Electrochemical surface treatment: anodizing, electrochemical polishing, electroplating

Modern surface treatment: chemical vapor deposition CVD, physical vapor deposition PVD, ion implantation, ion plating, laser surface treatment

10.Quality control

Material testing, product testing, performance testing, structural testing, surface treatment testing, packaging testing;

11.Testing Equipment

Coordinate measuring instrument (CMM), 2.5-dimensional measuring instrument, inner diameter micrometer, outer diameter micrometer, electronic height gauge, thread gauge, digital display vernier caliper, etc.

12.Quality control process

Incoming material inspection, process inspection (first and last item confirmation), final inspection, packaging inspection, shipping inspection;

13.Delivery on time

1-10 days (the actual construction period depends on the quantity and requirements of the product);

14.Product packaging

The Outer packing box (customized wooden box), packing bag, isolation foam, blister tray;

15.Cooperation Process

Customer Provides samples/drawings, engineer confirmation, business quotation, order confirmation, manufacturing, inspection, packaging and delivery, and receipt confirmation.