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Aluminum Forging? What is aluminum forging?

Because of its low density and high strength, aluminum is an ideal choice for automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles, electric power, and locks. Aluminum is the most widely used metal in the industry.

Die forging is a manufacturing process in which a metal is pressed at a large pressure between two molds to produce a high strength part. Die forging can produce almost unlimited shapes. Through aluminum forging, it is possible to manufacture aluminum parts with high strength and good shape, which is advantageous for secondary processing. And aluminum parts can be anodized, and different color requirements can be obtained according to customer requirements.

Deshengrui can forge aluminum alloys (including 6060, 6061, 6063, 6082, 2014, 7003, 7075 and other aluminum materials) and subsequent processing.The main products are automotive, motorcycle parts; aluminum alloy parts for bicycle, electric power, lock industry, etc.  Deshengrui can provide forged aluminum blanks or machined finished products to customers.

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