Rod End - heim joint

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  • Product Manual:Rod end bearing, also known as a heim joint (N. America) or rose joint (U.K. and elsewhere), is a mechanical articulating joint.

Rod End Product Description

·         Rod end bearing, also known as a heim joint (N. America) or rose joint (U.K. and elsewhere), is a mechanical articulating joint.

·         Such joints are used on the ends of control rods, steering links, tie rods, or anywhere a precision articulating joint is required.

·         A ball swivel with an opening through which a bolt or other attaching hardware may pass is pressed into a circular casing with a threaded shaft attached.

·         The threaded portion may be either male or female

Deshengrui's Rod End Feature

1. Left or right hand threaded rod           2. Male or female / hollow / internal thread rod ends
3. Machining or forging rod ends              4. Surface: White Zinc, brass, Chrome, Nickle and so on
5. High precision                                      6. Metric and inches sizes available
7. High & Stable quality                           8. OEM / Customized Service 
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