CNC Lathe VS ordinary lathe

Detailed description of the structure of the ordinary lathe

The ordinary lathe is a horizontal lathe that can process various types of workpieces such as shafts, discs, rings, etc. It is often used to machine the inner and outer rotating surfaces, end faces and various internal and external threads of the workpiece, and the corresponding tools and accessories are also used. Drilling, reaming, tapping and knurling. Ordinary lathes are widely used in lathes, accounting for about 65% of the total number of lathes. Because their main shafts are placed horizontally, they are called horizontal lathes.

Structural function

The main components of the ordinary lathe are: the headstock, the feed box, the slide box, the knife holder, the tailstock, the light bar, the screw and the bed.

Headstock: Also known as the headstock, its main task is to pass the rotary motion from the main motor through a series of shifting mechanisms to make the spindle get the required rotation speed of the two types of forward and reverse steering, while the spindle box separates part of the power. Transfer the movement to the feed box. The main shaft of the headstock is a key part of the lathe. The smoothness of the spindle running on the bearing directly affects the machining quality of the workpiece. Once the rotation accuracy of the spindle is reduced, the use value of the machine tool is reduced.

Feed box: Also known as the knife box, the feed box is equipped with a shifting mechanism for the feed motion, and the shifting mechanism is adjusted to obtain the required feed amount or pitch, and the motion is transmitted to the knife through the light bar or the lead screw. Rack for cutting.

Screw and light bar: used to connect the feed box and the slide box, and transfer the movement and power of the feed box to the slide box, so that the slide box can obtain longitudinal linear motion. The lead screw is specially designed for turning various threads. When turning on other surfaces of the workpiece, only the light bar is used, and no screw is used.

Slide box: It is the control box of the lathe feed movement. It is equipped with the mechanism that turns the rotary motion of the light bar and the lead screw into the linear motion of the tool holder. The longitudinal feed motion and the lateral feed motion of the tool holder are realized by the light bar drive. And fast moving, the tool holder is used to drive the tool holder for vertical linear motion to turn the thread.

Tool holder: The tool holder component consists of several layers of tool holders. Its function is to clamp the tool to make the tool move longitudinally, laterally or obliquely.

Tailstock: After installation for positioning support, it is also possible to install a hole machining tool such as a drill or a reamer to perform hole machining.

Bed: The main components of the lathe are mounted on the bed so that they maintain an accurate relative position during work.

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