Reasons for the occurrence of jamming in the mold in precision stamping

In precision stamping, mold equipment cannot be separated. When the workpiece is produced, there will be jamming. What is the reason for the jam?
1. Feeder feeding distance, pressing material and relaxation adjustment are not suitable.
2, the mold is abnormally stamped, and the sickle bend is triggered.
3, the bending or tearing position is not smooth.
4. The stripping function of the guide plate is not properly set, and the strip is attached.
5, the material is curved, the width is out of tolerance, the raw edges are large.
6. The variation of the feed distance during the precision stamping production process.
7. The guide material has insufficient aperture and the upper mold is pulled.
8, the material is thin, sent to the warp.
9. The mold is not properly erected, and the deviation from the verticality of the feeder is large.

In the process of precision metal stamping, what problems will cause the mold to jam?

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