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8 Type of Shearing Machine

What is shearing machine?

The shearing machine is called plate shears; guillotine shear, which is often used as a shearing machine for shearing sheets in industrial production. The simple working principle is to use a blade and a pair of opposite blades for reciprocating linear motion. Mechanical principle Similar to scissors, the mechanism of cutting some sheets by this principle becomes a shearing machine. The shearing machine is mostly one of the forging machinery in the mechanical classification. The shearing machine is mainly used in the metal processing industry and can be applied to various occasions such as construction, shipbuilding, automobile, metallurgy, chemical, electric power, electrical appliances, etc. A special shearing machine, with modern industrial technology, the cutting machine has also begun to have his unique development path. Because of the processing requirements and the processing environment of the shearing board, it is also divided into various types of machinery. Take a look at some of the common classifications of shears.

1. Hydraulic shearing machine

The hydraulic shearing machine is called hydraulic plate shear; hydraulic guillotine shear. The hydraulic shearing machine is driven by the upper blade and the fixed lower blade. The blade is moved along the vertical line with a reasonable blade clearance. Therefore, the upper blade section must be processed into a diamond shape, the tool holder oscillates along the circular arc line, and the shearing blade section should be processed into a diamond shape, so there are only two cutting edges, since the upper blade is slightly inclined forward during the shearing process, for various thicknesses The sheet metal is subjected to shearing forces to cause the sheet to break apart at the desired size.

2. Precision shearing machine

The precision shearing machine English name is precision guillotine shears. The precision shearing machine in industrial production usually drives the shaft with the reducer driven by the brake motor equipped with the electromagnetic disc brake. It is controlled by the selected footswitch. Instantaneous engagement. The use of a small shear angle and a slanted shear direction minimizes the bending deformation of the workpiece, and the adjustment of the blade gap uses a manual quick adjustment device, which is very simple to obtain a satisfactory blade gap.

3. Curve shearing machine

Curve shearing machine mainly refers to the technology of using the symbol and the number of instructions to realize the motion control of the shearing machine. It has the function of stepless adjustment. The distance between the blades can be adjusted. It is usually controlled by position, angle, The mechanical quantity such as speed and the amount of switch related to the flow of mechanical energy, there is a significant indication in the edge gap adjustment, which is an embodiment of the automatic CNC machine tool on the curve shearing machine.

4. QC12Y shearing machine

QC12Y shearing machine working principle and structure QC12Y shearing machine is commonly used to cut the blank of the edge of the sheet. The QC12Y shearing process should ensure the linearity and parallelism of the sheared surface of the sheared sheet and minimize the distortion of the sheet to obtain a high-quality workpiece. The hydraulic pendulum shearing machine is a circular arc movement, and the arc blade is quite difficult to manufacture. Generally, the horn is compensated after the blade, so the resulting gap is not accurate. The product QC12Y shearing machine is widely used for: light Industry, aviation, shipbuilding, metallurgy, instrumentation, electrical appliances, stainless steel products, steel structure construction and decoration industry.

5. Hydraulic pendulum shearing machine

The hydraulic pendulum shearing machine is a circular arc movement, and the arc blade is quite difficult to manufacture. Generally, the blade is used to make the horn padding, so the resulting gap is not accurate, and the cut sheet is not ideal. The shearing machine with a sheer thickness of less than 10mm is mostly mechanical transmission, and the hydraulic transmission is larger than 10mm. Because it is arc motion, the blade can not be made into a rectangular shape but should be made into an acute angle, so the force of the blade is not Ideally, the blade damage is also more severe.

6. PCB shearing machine

The PCB shearing machine is an electric hybrid design with double straight knife slitting. It is especially suitable for dividing precision SMD sheets and aluminum circuit boards. The internal stress generated when cutting the board is reduced to less than 180 MPa to avoid tin cracking and prevent precision parts from being affected. Loss, PCB shearing machine dimensions [length × width × height] 700 × 300 × 400m, working gas pressure 0.50-0.70Mpa drying gas source, the maximum board length 450mm.

7. Electric shearing machine

The electric shearing machine is mainly used for plane cutting irregular patterns. It adopts the clutch structure and open gear transmission in the form of resisting keys, and adopts advanced electric appliances (footswitch, manual switch) to operate, and the noise is small and easy to operate and maintain. It adopts an all-steel welded structure, simple structure, simple operation, beautiful appearance, and low energy consumption. In theory, you can cut with the graphics that AUTOCAD can draw. Products are widely used in machinery, hardware, electrical, electrical, automotive repair, and other sheet metal processing industries.

8. Pendulum shearing machine

The pendulum shearing machine English name is pivot blade shear; swing beam shear, which belongs to the shearing machine of the upper tool holder swinging around the fulcrum in the field of industrial machinery. The pendulum shearing machine should be able to cut the sheared material after shearing. The straightness and parallelism of the cut surface are required, and the distortion of the sheet is minimized to obtain a high-quality workpiece. The upper blade of the shearing machine is fixed on the tool holder, and the lower blade is fixed on the work table. The press cylinder is used to compress the sheet to prevent the sheet from moving during shearing. The guardrail is a safety device to prevent accidents. The return journey is generally based on nitrogen, which is fast and has a small impact. Adjust the gap of the blade according to the thickness of the material to be cut; adjust the master or fixture according to the width of the material to be cut; perform 1 - 3 empty strokes before the shearing machine operation, and then perform the cutting work after normal operation.

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