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What Is Water Jetting cutting? 6 Features of Water Jetting Cutting

The water cutting machine is a machine that uses high-pressure water flow cutting. The water cutting machine is one of the highest capacity machines in the world.he water cutting machine is superior to other processing technologies such as flame cutting, plasma processing, laser processing, electric discharge machining, and milling and milling. At the same time, water cutting does not produce harmful gases or liquids and does not generate heat on the surface of the workpiece. It is truly versatile, efficient, and cold-cutting.

For example, in metal cutting, various processing methods coexist, including cutting tools, laser, flame-cutting (plasma cutting), electric spark, wire cutting, water cutting, and other processing methods. All kinds of cutting methods have their own advantages, and they all have certain limitations, each occupying a part of the market. However, among the many cutting methods, only the water cutting is cold cutting, and the kinetic energy of the abrasive water jet is directly used.

The metal is cut to achieve the cutting purpose, no chemical change during the cutting process, no influence on the physical and chemical properties of the cutting material, no thermal deformation, narrow slit, high precision, smooth cut surface, clean and pollution-free, and can process traditional processing and Other processing methods are difficult to process or difficult to process materials, such as glass, ceramics, composites, reflective materials, chemical fiber, heat-sensitive materials.

(1) The roughness of the cut metal is 1.6μm, and the cutting precision is ±0.10m, which can be used for precision forming cutting;

(2) No reflection effect and edge loss in the cutting of non-ferrous metals and stainless steel;

(3) One-shot cutting of carbon fiber composite materials, metal composite materials, metal composites with different melting points and non-metals;
(4) Cutting of low melting point and flammable materials, such as paper, leather, rubber, nylon, felt, wood, explosives, etc.;
(5) Cutting under special site and environment, such as underwater, flammable gas environment;
(6) Cutting of high hardness and insoluble materials, such as stone, glass, ceramics, cemented carbide, diamond, etc."

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