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Application of Aluminum Alloy Materials in Mechanical Manufacturing Industry

First, the application status of aluminum alloy materials in mechanical manufacturing industry aluminum alloy materials have a series of excellent characteristics, second only to iron and steel in the application of metal materials, has penetrated into the national economy and every aspect of the daily life of the people, the social demand is huge, and the application field is constantly widening. Although China is already a big country of aluminum production and consumption, it is mainly concentrated in the civil construction industry, accounting for more than 85% of the total consumption, while more than 60% of aluminum in developed countries in Europe and the United States is industrial profiles, which on the one hand reflects that the industrial application of aluminum in China is still very backward, but also shows that the industrial application of aluminum in China has a huge market and development space. In the machinery manufacturing industry, because the professional division of labor in our country is too fine, the communication between the industries is very lack, the general mechanical engineer knows very little about the characteristics and advantages of aluminum material, the product design material selection will only choose the familiar carbon steel material, or the expensive stainless steel material; Most of the domestic aluminum supply units, generally imitating the mode of production in Europe and the United States, only provide 6063 aluminum for construction, which is difficult to meet the requirements of mechanical aluminum for material, heat treatment, machining accuracy, surface treatment and so on. At the same time, due to the lack of welding technicians and relatively expensive investment in welding equipment, the consumption of mechanical aluminum in China is much lower than that in developed countries in Europe and the United States.

Second, aluminum alloy material has great technical advantages in mechanical application:
1. The light weight aluminum alloy material has the excellent characteristic of high specific strength. Through the change of chemical composition and heat treatment strengthening, the strength and hardness have reached or exceeded the ordinary steel, which can meet most of the industrial structure requirements, but its specific gravity is only 1/3 of the iron and steel material, and the weight of the mechanical products used in the manufacture can be greatly reduced.
2. The forming process of hot extrusion can easily obtain the aluminum alloy profile with complex cross section to meet the functional requirements, the mechanical connection is convenient and reliable, and it is suitable for batch and standardized production, which is an incomparable advantage over carbon steel and stainless steel materials. The anodized aluminum alloy material forms a dense and wear-resistant oxide film on the surface, which can resist corrosion for a long time and can replace expensive stainless steel materials on many occasions.
3. Aluminum also has excellent welding properties. At present, TIG, MIG, friction stir welding technology in our country is very mature, which can fully meet the requirements of mechanical structure design and fabrication.

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