Mechanical Knowledge

High-precision machining of large-size parts

1, material selection

Stainless steel Advantages and disadvantages: rust-proof, high carbon content, high strength, hardness and wear resistance, poor corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties, corrosion resistance requirements on general parts.

7075 aluminum

Advantages and Disadvantages: High strength, far better than mild steel, common corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties and anode reaction, enhanced wear resistance.

45 # steel

Advantages and disadvantages: easy cutting, good machining performance, surface heat treatment or other means to prevent rust.

2, processing technology

Advantages and disadvantages of milling, advantages and disadvantages of grinding, advantages and disadvantages of turning

Milling processing: processing speed block, each feed can go relatively large, suitable for fast precision machining, but in the process of processing will generate a large amount of heat, resulting in serious deformation of the workpiece, for large size and high precision parts It is particularly obvious that reducing the feed amount during processing can appropriately improve the deformation problem.

Grinding and grinding processing speed is slow, especially suitable for parts with high flatness and straightness requirements, but it is also difficult to process large-size and high-precision parts. Because of the friction between the grinding wheel and the parts, it must be Heat is generated. The greater the friction, the more heat is generated, and the heat of the parts becomes more obvious. Therefore, when grinding, the feed rate should be reduced, the grinding speed should be increased, and the flow rate of the coolant should be increased. Improve parts heating problems. And in the grinding is the choice of the texture also has a certain impact (need to see the direction of the texture has a guarantee for flatness and straightness). In addition, the use of tooling fixtures during processing, the choice of clamping method also plays a vital role in the guarantee of part accuracy.

Installation and commissioning of precision components

Assembly basis

Positioning benchmark

Fine grinding, shimming, use feeler gauge, slider, height gauge, dial indicator, positioning, readjustment, connection, locking screw, fine thread

Determination of the method of measuring three coordinates

Selection of coordinate origins Establishment of three-dimensional coordinates Guarantee of repeated measurement accuracy

The role and status of standard parts

Standard parts materials, processing technology, assembly process, debugging methods, test methods, how to ensure the stability of standard parts, dimensional accuracy.

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