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CNC Machine Shop Guide: 11 Tips to Find A Qualified CNC Machine Shop?

What is CNC machine shop? What is Custom Machin Shop?

CNC Machine shop is a manufacturing company that produces and manufactures different turning parts, milling parts, die casting parts, forging parts, or sheet metal parts in different industries. The small machine shop is very small and only three to five people. And large-sized factories have ten thousand people. These factories are all CNC Machine shop (also called precision Machine shop). In the CNC Machine shop, you can find more machine tools.

CNC Machine Shop

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1. Milling machine: A milling machine is a machine that uses a rotating tool to remove material from a workpiece.

2. Machining center: Machining center is a multi-functional device that can execute complex programs with high productivity.

3. Lathe: A lathe is a machine that rotates a workpiece when in contact with a cutting tool. It can perform operations such as turning, boring, drilling, knurling, and threading.

4. Grinding Machine: A grinder is a powerful tool that uses a grinding wheel to grind a workpiece. Grinding is often used as a finishing process because it provides a high surface quality.

5. Drilling machine: A drilling machine is an installed drill bit whose movement is controlled by a lever. Drilling machines are more powerful and stable than handheld drilling rigs. In addition to drilling, they can also be used for various manufacturing tasks.

6. The band saw machine: Band saw machine is a multi-purpose cutting machine for straight-line cutting. It is used to roughly remove part of the material before further machining.

7. Electrical Discharge Machining Equipment: Electric Decentralized Machining (EDM) is the process of using sparks instead of physical cutting tools to penetrate the workpiece.

8. Surface finishing tools: Most parts require some kind of surface treatment, and they are polished, polished, sandblasted, and colored using various equipment.

9. Coordinate measuring machine (CMM): Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a device used to measure the geometry of parts and ensure that the original dimensions of the machined parts match. CMM helps ensure accuracy and quality.

Modern CNC machine shop: Digitalization has changed the machine shop and machine shop gradually developed towards automation.

Before the CNC machine shop (machinery workshop) came out, all machining equipment was operated manually or mechanically, which meant that the accuracy of the machined parts depended on the skill of the machine operator. With the emergence of CNC, CNC machine tools have obvious advantages over manual machine tools. They are as accurate as possible, can guarantee repeatability, and can be made without supervision, so that staff can make other tastings. As more and more automatic CNC equipment appeared, the factory gradually developed towards a more intelligent and automated direction. Welding robots and handling robots are gradually added to the machinery Machine shop.

How to find a qualified CNC machine shop? 11 Tips help you to find a suitable CNC machine shop and help you to grow your business.

1. Looking for long-term partners, not just the cheapest price

When choosing a CNC Machine Shop, while considering the price factor, it is also necessary to pay attention to looking for a long-term partner. Excellent CNC Machine Shops will purchase expensive machine tools, hire experienced CNC machine operators and engineers, and have strict management procedures. All these excellent services will cause the cost to rise. Therefore, when evaluating a CNC Machine Shop, it is difficult to find long-term partners by only evaluating price alone, and it will also greatly waste your time, money, and energy.

So compared to cheap equipment, you may spend more on high-quality CNC Machine Shops. But the value gained from the CNC Machine Shop will also be more. When accuracy is critical to a product, a high-quality CNC Machine Shop will have the equipment and testing equipment that can provide you with the precise processing results you need. Low prices often mean low quality.

2. Make sure the CNC Machine Shop has the capabilities you need

Please confirm whether the Machine shop has the functions required by your project, and can the accuracy of the product be achieved? Can surface treatment be achieved? Is it achievable for timely delivery? Ask if the machine shop has the corresponding equipment for milling, turning, and drilling? Ask if the machine shop has a four-axis or five-axis CNC Machine with more complex projects?

3. Ensure that the CNC Machine Shop frequently updates and maintains equipment

Usually, the latest equipment has better processing performance, especially for parts with higher accuracy requirements, companies with the latest equipment are better to do the job. For CNC equipment, please look for well-known brands in the industry, such as Toyoda, Hitachi Seiki, Mori Seiki, Okuma, Haas.

Frequently ask when the machine shop starts to use the equipment. The computer system, software, and cutting tools used for CNC machining should be up-to-date. The older machines decrease in performance and accuracy and may occur failures. The newer machine has higher efficiency and does not have excessive wear caused by the old machine.

4. Make sure the CNC Machine Shop has passed ISO certification? Does it provide strict quality control?

You may already know the ISO 9001 certification and It’s important for you. An ISO-certified company has proven its focus on customer accountability, a specific stable and reliable quality system, and ensuring that it can provide high-quality products or services. High-quality companies will regularly update the validity period of their ISO 9001 certification.

For machined parts, the company should have a method to check the accuracy of the work. Correctly calibrated inspection equipment will generate corresponding reports to verify the accuracy of machined parts.

5. Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement Ability

For auto parts, it is necessary for the factory to have PPAP, 100% verification, statistical process control (SPC), and regularly calibrated measurement equipment for each production level. Therefore, you need to cooperate with suppliers with this experience.

6. Is the CNC Machine Shop currently hiring?

CNC machine shops that are actively recruiting show a booming business. Companies that need more employees to have enough onboarding jobs to ensure the introduction of new employees. The ever-evolving machine shop requires more workers, especially experienced CNC professionals.

7. Have a rich experienced professional?

Confirm whether the factory employs experienced and skilled top personnel to complete the work correctly.

8. Does The machine shop ensure delivery on time?

On-time delivery is essential to your business operations. Delay at any stage of the process may prevent you from delivering it to your own customers and affect your business.

9. Whether the supplier can keep confidential for all documents?

Machine shops perform customized CNC machining and other manufacturing tasks for companies, and these companies need to ensure that their designs will remain private. Before any manufacturing, ask your machine shop to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This will ensure that your design is not passed on to mysterious third parties.

10. Who are the current customers in the processing shop? See how their customers rate it?

Current customers of the machine shop can give you a better understanding of the services provided by the company. Customers of high-quality CNC business include large companies and well-known companies. The CNC Machine Shop's website should have information about previous customers. The CNC Machine Shop chosen by a well-known company reflects the good quality management and reputation of these CNC Machine shops. Cooperating with such a CNC Machine Shop will make your business follow with some famous companies.

11. You should have an in-depth understanding of the business details of the CNC Machine Shop

Study the company's business details, study the company's operating hours. Long-term operation from the establishment is a good sign of quality service and good parts processing. Assume that if your order volume is large, the company with a large space will have space and enough equipment to process the required parts. The more equipment the factory has, the faster it can process large orders.

The larger work area also indicates that the company has sufficient funds to invest in future operations. The company's investment should also include the selection of the latest CNC software for its operations. Especially in precision CNC machining, the company must have modern computers and software to keep up with innovations in the fields required to produce finely milled workpieces.

Where to find a suitable supplier?

You can check our other article to check the specific ways to a suitable machine shop?


This article introduce cnc machine shop(machinery workshop or precision machine shop) details and how to find the ringht precision machine shop.

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